Trust Unified Systems

The world is evolving faster and faster with the revolution of new technologies everyday, the academic sector is finding difficult to keep up.  With a collective experience of over 2 decades in the academic sector, Trust understands the unique problems, dilemmas and issues faced by academic institutions.

That is why, Trust has formulated may collaboration programs that help enhance academic institutions with the latest technologies and provide high end Training and Certification.  Today, each year, we train and certify more than 20,000 students in simple to professional level qualifications.  Through our efforts we have touch more than 200,000 students and contributed to their success over the last decade.

Each year we are dedicated in developing new cutting edge programs together with our Technology Partners so that we can provide the best quality programs for your student.  As well upgrading teachers and lecturers with new skills and qualifications.

Not only do we bring high quality programs, we also bring to academic institutions Technology Solutions that help them solve operational issues and help them bring teaching to the 21st Century.  We have helped more than 400 academic institutions over the years to create more productive and efficient use of technologies.

Talk to us today, to see how we can make your vision a reality.  We are here to become your partner in technology for the long haul that you can depend on.

With our success in building the knowledge and abilities of professionals, our technology partners have given us a duty to help mold the new generations of professionals.

In this duty, we create ongoing partnerships with academic institution to provide specialized and high technological training and certification to students. Upon graduation these students are ready to work at a professional level and have professional recognition by technology principals.

Each year we have help more than 20,000 students to jump start their careers. And accumulated more than 250,000 alumni.  Our programs are divided into three areas, Literacy, Technical and Professional Skills.  We run these programs on campus together with academic institutions to ensure we maintain the quality and standards of our Technology Partners.

Literacy programs are focused on helping students build real skills for developing usable computer literacy skills that they would require in their professional lives.  The programs we offered are as follows

  • Office in Action – focus on skills required to develop Professional Presentations, Documentation and Data Analysis using MS Office.
  • Writing for Digital Communication – focus on skills required to write Professional Emails, Memos, Post and Communications.
  • Create a Professional Presences – focus on skills that help students to create a Professional presences to highlight their achievements and contributions.

Technical programs are focused on developing real skills that are used in their daily professional lives.  These skills may vary from network administration, programming, cloud development, security to database.  The programs we currently offer are as follows:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Qualification
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Cisco Certified Professional
  • ZTE Certified Professional
  • Adobe Certified Professional

*Please check with us to get our latest program offerings.

Professional Skills programs are focused on softskills, management and entrepreneurial skills.  A professional is not only an expert in his chosen field, but also has other abilities to manage, control, and build the activities around him or her.  The programs we currently offer are as follows:

  • Project Management
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Technology Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Become a Leader

*Please check with us to get our latest program offerings.