Trust Unified Systems

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right technology partner.

Trust Unified System was founded in 2005 and today it has representatives in most major cities in Indonesia. Trust business activities can be divided into 3 areas, Consultation, System & Solution Integration, and Training & Certification. Being involve at many levels of the ICT industry, we have develop a solid foundation to help customers maximize their ICT investments to help grow its business potential.

The evolution of technology today is vast, complex and accelerating at exponential speeds. We are different because we place the needs of our customer’s performance over everything. Technology is an enhancer and not a dictator. When we solve technology problems, we reverse engineer business goals/strategies to ensure that solutions can enhance the productivity or efficiency to achieve the desire outcomes.

We differentiate our team through the adoption of holistic dedication to solving problems. Our teams are made up of individuals who have proven competency, gained valuable experiences and most important of all the dedication to self perfection.

The company expects very high standards from our team because our customers expect the very best. To ensure our team stays relevant, and competent, we enlist a methodology of ensuring that our teams participate in ongoing skills development and forwarding on their knowledge. To transfer knowledge one must have a deep understanding before one can enlighten a fellow peer.

As a company dedicated to its customers performance, we are very particular to our performance and have adopted very flexible but yet stringent procedures to ensure repeatable success in the field. We measure our team not by their collective historical success but their ability to perform in today’s complex and ever changing environment and prepare for future responsibilities.

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