VDI Solution for University of Macau

Customer Background
City University of Macau(CityU)is a private university in Macau and is one of the four comprehensive universities in Macau that offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Program. Catering for the increasing and diversified demand for talents in Macao, CityU aims to become a modern digital comprehensive university featuring academic excellence in humanities and social sciences. The Taipa campus is now undergoing its digital upgrade. The campus will provide students and teachers with the following digital services: digital academic management system, digital teach and learn platform, paper-free transcript review, self-service printing of tuition fee receipt, campus smart card, and digital space management system.

Customer Pain Points

The university plans to upgrade the computers in its library, because PCs have brought many difficulties in management. Without a unified platform, the library administrator has to spend lot of time to power on/off the PC, reinstallation of the windows system and software update. There was also a high failure rate and difficulties to upgrade the PC specs for PCs because of the frequent use and abnormal operation. Besides, no authentication to connect to Internet causes unreasonable occupation of PC resources like surfing the internet and playing games in work time.Customer Demand
Customer is interested in VDI concept and willing to deploy, they emphasize particularly on the following 2 features:
– Operation and maintenance. The new virtual desktop infrastructure should enable greatly simplified and unified operation for computers in the library.
– Internet access control. The IT administrator should be able to control the PC’s Internet access to avoid the amusement usage.

Sangfor aDesk Solution

– Compared with traditional PC, Sangfor offers 1 VDI(VDS-5050)and 30 aDesks(STD-200H) for the library. The initial investment is similar to PC.
– With our virtual platform, one unified management platform can do all the O&M work. The whole deployment of VDI appliances is within one day. And with unified GUI management console, it could fasten the IT construction and make O&M of virtual desktop easier. 
– IT staff are now spending less time on managing the entire IT system!
– Integrate with Sangfor IAM.  After SSO (Single Sign On), user can start browsing Internet without additional authentication.